Thursday, 7 April 2011

Tips on saving money when shopping

I have recently also had to tow the line when I go shopping , normally I would go out once a week to do my big shop and spend hundreds of pounds re stocking my cupboards and fridge.But due to my work slacking off this last few months I have had to start shopping a little bit clever.
I noticed the difference in spending every week on my budget die to the fact that I no longer waste anything,instead of shopping weekly and getting excess of things from the super market I now only shop once a day for the things I need for the next day, occasionally I will do a two day shop at the weekends.
One good thing that we have is a supermarket only five minutes walk away from where we live so it is no big chore for me to do it this way.On average my household is saving around £40 a week due to the saving I make doing a daily shop,there is no waste, and another big factor is that none of my fresh foods go off as they get eaten straight away rather than being stored in the fridge and overlooked then having to throw it away because the best before date has run out.

The best thing about shopping daily is not only do you save on wastage but also you can get many bargains especially if you go to the supermarket late in the evening around 7-8 o clock as then they are reducing the stock in many departments especially bakery products and fresh meats, some things are going for as little as 20 pence not that they are going off but they can not resell the next day or it is near the best before date on the product.
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